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Why Chilton’s Artisan Foods

Chilton’s Daily Fresh

Expert craftsman bakers and pastry chefs make Chilton’s products fresh every day. All our products are made using the best Australian ingredients.

Why is it so good?

We don’t use any fillers or replacers – our dishes are made daily from fresh ingredients. Because of our attention to details our foods have won many fine foods awards thanks to the dedication of artisan bakers, flavors and cuisine.

Our High Standards

Chilton’s Artisan Foods commitment to quality starts with our handpicked selection of our suppliers of fresh produce. Our production kitchens are certified according to HACCP Food Safety Management Systems Certification.
Chilton’s Artisan Foods operates its own fleet of refrigerated food vans and is supported by an extensive network of food distributors operating across Australia. So you know our food arrives safe to your premises.

Our Dishes

Our recipes are created from the ground up, using individual flavors to create the foods your customers enjoy. We handpick seasonal produce to provide you with the freshest supply.

A Wide Selection

Savories and Sweets mean you have one stop shop for all your fine food needs.

Our Service

With delivery six days per week day across Greater Melbourne and twice weekly across Australia – you are sure to get the freshest foods. Our reliable service will assist you in all your fresh foods needs.